Comic Creatrix / Black Feather Falls podcast online now

Panel Borders: Comix Creatrix
Alex Fitch talked to three comic book creators featured in the all female exhibition Comix Creatrix, on display at House of Illustration, Granary Square, London. Ellen Lindner discusses her latest graphic novel, the Edwardian Murder Mystery The Black Feather Falls, Rachael Ball talks about her return to comics with the epic tome The Inflatable Woman, and Tula Lotay (a.k.a. Lisa Wood) explores her work in serialised comics such as Elephantmen and Supreme: Blue Rose plus her stewardship of the Leeds comics festival, Thought Bubble.
the extended podcast of part one of Tuesday’s radio show is online now at:
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The original broadcast version (with 30% less Lindner – I mainly cut the bits where we were nearly drowned out by espresso machines!) is here: