'To End All Wars' Review on Multiversity Comics

A wonderfully written review of ‘To End All Wars’ on Multiversity from Paul Lai, this is apart of their feature on the 2015 Eisner nominations for the ‘Best Reality-Based Work’ category. Here is an excerpt of the review:

Anthologies resist simplistic harmonization, maybe especially comics anthologies, and To End All Wars is one of those projects that prizes the proliferation of perspectives that anthologies can afford.

Which sometimes makes for disorienting, tiring, disruptive reading.  It’s not meant to go down smooth or lull comfortably into rhythm.  It’s a cacophony of incompatible voices that reminds us that the command we have over instruments of death does not give us command over the expanse and variety of life.  As with most anthologies, mileage will vary.  But as a representative of the kind of “reality” that comics might commit to the record, To End All Wars reminds us what a resource comics can be in our cultures, a pen-and-paper visual storytelling medium as accessible and potent as a Molotov, with the energy potential to push back against aggrandizing meta-narratives.  In this case, maybe the Eisners should go plural: “Best Realities-Based Work,” and gesture towards the heterogeneity of histories that comics are growing to capture.”