To End All Wars - The graphic anthology of the First World War

To End All Wars


The hardcover edition of To End All Wars has completely sold out! If you missed your chance to get a copy of this Eisner-award nominated book, we are delighted to announce that the paperback edition will be out in the Autumn. If you want to place your order now, we would recommend you go to our Kickstarter Campaign: Designed as a tribute to those who sacrificed all to a preventable war, To End All Wars is an anthology of 27 short graphic narratives based on events, characters and the consequences of The First World War. Featuring the four theatres of War (land, sea, air and the home front), spanning four continents and drawn from both sides of the conflict, the stories are each presented by a different author or illustrator from the world of independent comics. £2 of the sale of this book will go to Médecins Sans Frontières.